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F1: Andretti team must demonstrate how their entry will grow the sport – Vowles

Since Andretti Global announced their intentions to join the Formula 1 grid with General Motors under the Cadillac brand, there has been increased scrutiny over how the new process for teams joining the grid will work.

James Vowles, who will assume the role as Williams Team Principal at the end of February, believes the new team must bring “growth” to enable “everyone else to be in a better position” if they join and take away more prize money.

“We’re always open to the sport growing and the truth behind it is the sport financially is becoming more and more successful,” he told the media.

“Whoever joins in that environment needs to bring with it effectively the growth that is required in order for everyone else to be in a better position, or at least a neutral position.

“I think it’s been a statement from the outset and there’s a lot of lovely things about Andretti and about Cadillac, it just needs to have a good understanding of how it will grow the sport and what the growth will be.”

James Vowles, new Williams Team Principal


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