Rumor: How F1 can get 27 races into a 25-race calendar

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Formula 1 has a great problem other race series wish they had – race organizers knocking down the door trying to get a date on the Formula 1 race calendar.

As it stands today, with South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and Spa all fighting over the final two dates on the 2024 calendar, how does F1 sign them all to a contract when 25 races are the maximum allowed in a season?

Assuming China honors their contract and returns in 2024, and Spa gets re-signed (which everyone wants) the 2024 calendar would be at 24 races with just 1-slot available.

Then signing South Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia F1 would have 27 races for a 25 race season.

Rumor has it that F1 is considering signing deals that would see races being held at some circuits every other year – alternating with another circuit. This is not a new idea as it has been discussed in the past.

We could see:

  • South Africa and Vietnam alternating years
  • South Korea and Indonesia alternating years

Let’s see how it all plays out.


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