Rumor: Liberty Media again eyeing IndyCar – Peter Windsor (2nd Update)

–by Mark Cipolloni–

We are not sure where F1 insider Peter Windsor got his information from (See video below) that Liberty Media was interested in buying IndyCar, but all parties have denied to Racer that there was any truth to the rumor.

Liberty Media called the Rumor ‘Completely Wrong’ which is a rather strange way of saying there is no truth to the rumor. Did they mean Peter Windsor characterized the discussions wrong?

Whether there is any truth, or whether they are just denying it as discussions continue, we do not know, so we’ll make the rumor ‘false’ for now.

Windsor said Liberty was interested in buying IndyCar, that does not mean Penske Entertainment has any intention of selling it, at least not at the moment.

April 24, 2023 

Question from a Fan: Dear, I loved Long Beach when it was a F1 race and I love it now as an IndyCar race. If Liberty ever bought IndyCar and Long Beach became a F1/IndyCar doubleheader weekend, I think it would be the ultimate-wet dream. Steve Levin, Studio City, CA

Dear Steve, I have no idea, but I could imagine just how spectacular of an event that would be.  In fact, I could see them doing the same with the USGP at COTA, the Miami GP, and perhaps even the Las Vegas GP.  Mark Cipolloni

April 24, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

As we have reported in the past – Liberty Media wanted to buy IndyCar when it bought F1, but it was sold to Roger Penske instead for a reported $300 million. Liberty Media, headed by John C. Malone at the time paid $8 billion to buy F1

And as we have rumored on April 1, 2022 [Get it], and Roger Penske may have taken exception to, we suggested that given Roger’s age, he should have a succession plan for IndyCar and consider selling it to Liberty Media at some point.

This subject has now come up again – speculation that Formula 1 owners Liberty Media want to buy IndyCar and bring the cars more in line with F1 technology, but one step below.

F1 has targeted the United States as a key area for expansion.

Speaking via his YouTube channel, Peter Windsor, who is well-connected in the F1 paddock, says “Liberty Media is again looking at buying the IndyCar Series and making it effectively a feeder series to F1.”

One can argue it already is because almost all the IndyCar drivers would jump at the chance to be in F1, and whenever they get a chance to test an F1 car, or become a Reserve Driver in F1, they do it.

“How they [Liberty Media] would do that I don’t know,” said Windsor.

“Maybe get rid of some of the ovals in favor of road courses and make the cars more F1 like.

“Maybe that is why Zak [Brown] there, I don’t know.

“It would give more opportunity for American drivers to move up to F1.

“It makes sense to me to do this,” added Windsor.

Later in the video Windsor says, “wouldn’t it be great if the Indy 500 could be part of the F1 World Championship like it once was?”

If they did that, the Indy Motor Speedway would have to add seats back in as the demand for tickets would skyrocket.

IndyCar will always deny these rumors to the media.

Does this make sense from my opinion?

Absolutely.  Liberty Media can do so much with IndyCar given what they have shown they can do with F1.  The opportunities for IndyCar are endless.


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