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MotoGP Rumor: Liberty Media eyes buying MotoGP from Dorna

Rumors are getting stronger that Liberty Media, the commercial rights holders of Formula 1, are contemplating the acquisition of commercial rights for MotoGP, the top tier of motorcycle racing series.

Although Dorna Sports, the current owner of the two-wheeled sport, has not dismissed the prospect of a sale.

The CEO of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta, confirmed the rumors of the sale, citing, “anything can happen, at any time, but it hasn’t happened yet”. The maximum stake of Dorna Sports is owned by British investor Bridgepoint, which owns 39%. In addition. a Canadian Pension fund owns 38% of the stake, while the rest of the 23% is owned by Dorna Management and its CEO.

Speaking to¬†La Repubblica, here’s what Ezpeleta said:

“I can confirm the rumors of a sale, but I would like to know who is spreading them. Every day I get two or three phone calls from credit institutions asking me if it is true that we are for sale, but the banks don’t want to buy, they only offer themselves as intermediaries in the operation.

“Anything can happen, at any time, but it hasn’t happened yet. We definitely like the product and the formula with the Sprints works.”

However, the sale of the sport to Liberty Media may be prohibited by European Union Regulations. In the past, EU regulations intervened when Bernie Ecclestone, the former owner of Formula 1, endeavored to secure the rights for both, F1 and MotoGP in collaboration with the Luxembourg investment firm CVC.

The deal was nixed due to concerns that it would grant excessive power to the involved parties, potentially hindering competition in the market.

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