F1: Hamilton and Sainz demoted after Austrian GP

The results of Formula 1’s 2023 Austrian Grand Prix have changed following Aston Martin’s protest relating to track limit offenses having been successfully upheld by the FIA.

Eight drivers have received post-race time penalties.

After hearing from Aston Martin Team Representative Andy Stevenson, Nikolas Tombazis from the FIA and Diego Loverno representing Ferrari, the stewards determined that the protest was admissible.

“An examination of the list of deleted lap times provided to the Stewards by Race Control, revealed that a number of track limit infringements had not previously been referred to the Stewards for potential penalty,” the panel explained.

“It was determined that some of these infringements warranted a penalty that was not previously applied when the Provisional Classification was published. These penalties will be reflected in the Final Classification.

“Accordingly, the Protest is upheld and the Protest Fee is returned to the Competitor.”

FIA statement regarding track limits infringements in Austria: Circuit layout and drivers’ propensity to breach track limits led to an “unprecedented situation which resulted in all potential infringements not being able to be reviewed during the race”

The FIA says it had already begun a review prior to the Aston Martin protest. More than 1,200 reports of cars leaving the track. Results will be updated once the review of those which were not able to be reviewed during the race is complete.

FIA “will renew our recommendation to circuit to add gravel trap at exit of Turns Nine and 10. While this is not a straightforward solution in relation to other series that race here (ie MotoGP), it has proved effective at other corners and circuits with similar issues.”

Amended Results (Top-10 only):

1. Verstappen
2. Leclerc
3. Perez
4. Norris (moves up from 5th)
5. Alonso (moves up from 6th)
6. Sainz (demoted from 4th)
7. Russell (moves up from 8th)
8. Hamilton (demoted from 7th)
9. Stroll (moves up from 10th)
10. Gasly (demoted from 9th)

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