Stoner: “Could I have beaten Marquez? Yeah, in some races.”

Stoner admits Marquez (above) is better than he was
Stoner admits Marquez (above) is better than he was

"Casey Stoner was guest on FOX Sports Asia's 2 Wheels and said “They always ask me that question. Do I think I could have beaten Marc Marquez?

"Yeah, in some races," he said.

"If Dovizioso, Lorenzo, Valentino, and Pedrosa did it, I certainly could have done it too. But if we talk about the championship, Marc has become extremely consistent, especially in recent years. He's bridged a gap with many of his weaknesses and would be very difficult to beat."

"I think if he [Valentino Rossi] had quit a little earlier, he would have been a legacy, which he still will be, anyway," Stoner commented.

"Now he's proving he's beatable. It's disappointing to see a rider, who anyone would have wanted on their team and paid a fortune for, demoted to a satellite team."

“I think Valentino still has the potential to get some excellent results and maybe win some races in the future, without a doubt, " was Stoner's opinion. "You don't lose your talent. It's sad to see he's not necessarily a threat to the podium as he once was.""

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