Will Power testing the #22 Penske Chevy with the spec hybrid unit fitted.

Rumor: IndyCar hybrid engines to again be delayed

A rumor making the rounds is that the IndyCar Hybrid engines, planned for umpteen years and finally slated for the 2024 season, may be delayed again.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Word is that IndyCar is considering delaying the hybrid roll-out until after the 2024 Indy 500 to avoid a possible egg-on-face moment for their biggest race.

First it was blamed on Covid.

Then the new 2.4 liter engines got cancelled after Honda and Chevy spent millions of dollars developing them because Honda and Chevy had to redesign the complete hybrid system that came from Mahle.

F1 first introduced hybrid engines in 2009. Now 15 years later, IndyCar is still struggling to get one rolled out.

Word is that Honda is ready, Chevy is not. Honda has Hybrid electronics experience from F1, Chevy has none.  In fact GM does not sell a single hybrid.  They were against a hybrid IndyCar engine from Day 1 as the company are pushing 100% EVs and have said they will not sell hybrids.

Complicating matters is the extra weight the hybrid system brings to a car that is already overweight.

I wrote over a year ago, Why does IndyCar elect to bastardize a 12-year-old car instead of designing a proper one?

That question is as valid today as it was then, except the car is now 13 years old instead of 12 and if IndyCar wants to implement hybrid power units they should have Aldo Costa (retired from F1 as one of the greatest designers ever) and now working for Dallara design a proper one for them.

He designed all the hybrid cars that Mercedes raced and dominated F1 for 8 straight years.

Some people think IndyCar may ditch the entire hybrid project altogether.

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