Liberty Media President and CEO Greg Maffei

F1: 2023 has been a great season if not for Max – Maffei

Liberty Media boss Greg Maffei claimed that apart from Max Verstappen’s dominance in 2023, the season has delivered on all fronts in terms of racing and competition between other teams and drivers.

The Red Bull driver has been in a league of his own since the beginning of the season as he has won 15 out of 18 races plus 3 Sprint Races.

At an event hosted by investment company Goldman Sachs, Maffei claimed that the sport is very attractive right now apart from Max Verstappen’s dominance, which he joked could only be broken in a manner similar to American figure skater Tonya Harding breaking a leg. He said:

“The reality is, we have a very attractive competitive product, other than the fact that Max is that fast. Short of breaking his legs like Tonya Harding, I’m not sure what we can do about that.”

“But he’s a phenom. He’s driving what seems to be the fastest car and he’s driving it very well. If you look at the lines he’s taking, how aggressive those lines are, but how well he’s able to navigate them, it is truly stunning. And you can see statistically why he is faster than anybody else.,” says Maffei.

Verstappen’s 2023 Record

P1 – Bahrain
P2 – Saudi Arabia
P1 – Australia
P3 – Azerbaijan (Sprint)
P2 – Azerbaijan
P1 – Miami
P1 – Monaco
P1 – Barcelona
P1 – Canada
P1 – Austria (Sprint)
P1 – Austria
P1 – England
P1 – Hungary
P1 – Belgium (Sprint)
P1 – Belgium
P1 – Zandvoort
P1 – Monza
P5 – Singapore
P1 – Suzuka
P2 – Qatar (Sprint)
P1 – Qatar
P1 – Austin (Sprint)
P1 – Austin

Destined to beat them all

At Age 26 Michael Schumacher 19 F1 wins
At Age 26 Ayrton Senna 2 F1 wins
At Age 26 Lewis Hamilton, 17 F1 wins
At Age 26 Max Verstappen 50 F1 wins + 6 Sprint Race Wins

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