Former FIA Race Director Michael Masi

Formula 1 News: FIA will bring back Masi if needed

The FIA President says he will bring back former F1 Race Director Michael Masi if he is the right man for the job.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem on the controversial Abu Dhabi GP 2021 that cost Masi his job:

“I always apologize, but I cannot apologize for something which was done before my time,” said Ben Sulayem.

“OK, I will do the apology, but I will bring Michael Masi again. Do you think that is right?”

“The poor guy is a person who has been attacked and abused. Michael Masi went through hell. Hell! And if I see there is an opportunity that the FIA needs, and Michael Masi is the right person, I will bring him.”

“I even had people threatening me (Lewis Hamilton fans) to kill me because I had the power to change it (the result). But I said to them: ‘Sorry, the World Cup of 1966, England against Germany, was that correct? Did they change it? No.’ Did they give it to Germany? Nein.”

Since losing his top F1 job, Masi has worked for the Supercars Commission and Karting Australia in his native country.

He has also admitted to seeking mental health support to cope with the fallout of the controversy.

Many feel that Lewis was not robbed.

Lewis and his Mercedes team made a grave strategy error, and they lost the race.

The race was always going to go back to green given what was at stake. They left Lewis out on worn tires.

How utterly stupid can they be?

And if Masi had let the lapped cars pass a lap earlier as the rule book said, would the result have been any different?

No, Verstappen on new tires would have still been right behind Hamilton at the restart, and Hamilton on used tires would have lost.

Same Result.

Verstappen has won three world titles and 35 F1 races and Hamilton has not won a single race since then

Meanwhile, toxic Hamilton fans cannot let it go, and they spill their vitriol on Social Media daily to this day, failing to admit that Hamilton was only ever as good as the car former Mercedes Chief Engineer Aldo Costa designed for him.

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