Carlos Sainz Sr and his Navigator Lucas Cruz wins the Dakar Rally

Dakar Stage 12: Sainz Sr. and Brabec win 2024 Dakar Rally

Carlos Sainz Sr has won the Dakar Rally Car category for the 4th time and American Ricky Brabec has won the Bike Category.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

61-year-old Sainz and Brabec also both won the 2020 Dakar Rally.

Although he never won a single stage, Sainz and his Navigator Lucas Cruz led almost the entire way in the 46th edition of Dakar in Saudi Arabia, eventually claiming the overall victory by 1hr20m25s over the Overdrive Toyota of Guillaume de Mevius.

Carlos Sainz Sr
Carlos Sainz Sr

American Ricky Brabec won the motorbike category for Honda for the 2nd time over Hero Rider Ross Branch and Honda Teammate Adrien van Beveren.

Californian Brabec consolidated his 10-minute advantage over the Botswana rider Branch on the final day. from Kevin Benavides and Toby Price took the day in a KTM 1-2 from Luciano Benavides’ Husqvarna.

Brabec, and more so Honda in truth fully deserved the win. The Japanese giant’s factory machines won 8 out of the 12 stages, with every rider contributing to the cause. Nacho Cornejo won three stages, Adrien Van Beveren took two day wins, Ricky Brabec and Pablo Quintanilla one apiece and Tosha Schareina the Prologue. KTM man Kevin Benavides took three stages, but for many, Ross Branch and his Hero Moto were the heroes of Dakar 2024.

Ricky Brabec
Ricky Brabec

The Kalahari Ferrari, Branch was the only Hero Moto rider to last the distance and as such, man alone against the might of Honda. Leading for the first few days overall, he never slipped further back than second overall throughout the two weeks, winning two stages on the way.

In the final outcome, Ricky Brabec’s Honda won the 2024 Dakar bike race by 10 minutes 53 seconds from Ross Branch on his Hero. Frenchman van Beveren made it a Honda 1-3 less than two minutes back, from KTM duo Benavides and Price. Jose Florimo was sixth for Honda from Luciano Benavides’ Husqvarna and Daniel Sanders’ GasGas.


Rolf Michl, Head of Audi Motorsport:
“It is difficult to put this victory into words. We have written a piece of motorsport history. It will take a few more days for this to really sink in. This sport is also about luck. We lacked that last year. We had an amazing team that never gave up, even when we had setbacks. If you trust your team, they can even achieve the seemingly impossible. We overcame this challenge with long and hard work. Our winners Carlos and Lucas are both exceptional. Carlos is not only a top driver, but a legend with a big heart who cares about people, immerses himself in every detail and is never satisfied with himself. It is an honor and a merit that he has competed for our team. Equally, this success would not have been possible without Lucas’ conscientious work and skill. A huge thank you to the whole team.”

Sven Quandt, Team principal Q Motorsport:
“It was a sporting competition that lasted three years. Today, we have made history with this concept and prevailed against the previous drive systems. It shows that Audi is ahead of the competition. This electric drive concept, which we spent three years improving, was exactly right. And the competition was extremely exciting. The final days of the rally were particularly tough. We are very relieved after Carlos and Lucas’ victory. When Sébastien Loeb came closer and closer over the past few days, I was nervous. It was only when the tide turned on the penultimate day that I was a little more relaxed. The teamwork worked perfectly for us. The spirit was simply good. You can win with people like that.”

Carlos Sainz (#204), 1st place:
“I am very happy for Audi, the many fans of the brand and my fellow countrymen. This victory means a lot to me. It’s my fourth victory with the fourth different brand. The team has developed a very special concept with which we are the first in the Dakar Rally. Only Audi was brave enough to take this risk. I’m happy that we’ve made history with it. And in one of the toughest editions of this rally that I have experienced. My family is here, as is the whole Audi family. Thanks to the brand, to Rolf Michl and Sven Quandt, who believed in us and made this possible. And thanks to Mattias, Emil, Stéphane and Edouard, who helped us so much. This is a great victory.”

Carlos Sainz Sr.
Carlos Sainz Sr.

Lucas Cruz (#204), 1st place:
“That’s a good feeling. I am very happy for the team. This enthusiastic team has built a very complex car for us. And with this concept we have now won the Dakar. I am very grateful to everyone. The stress and tension were particularly high during this rally. Day after day we tackled extremely tough stages and our car ran flawlessly.”

Dakar Final Car Stage Ranking

Pos. No. Drive-Team Team Time Behind




OVERDRIVE RACING 01H 44′ 50” + 00H 05′ 09”


X-RAID ARIJUS TEAM 01H 45′ 02” + 00H 05′ 21”


OVERDRIVE RACING 01H 45′ 10” + 00H 05′ 29”


X-RAID MINI JCW TEAM 01H 45′ 36” + 00H 05′ 55”


CENTURY RACING FACTORY TEAM 01H 46′ 26” + 00H 06′ 45”


FORD M-SPORT 01H 46′ 54” + 00H 07′ 13”


OVERDRIVE RACING 01H 46′ 55” + 00H 07′ 14”


TOYOTA GAZOO RACING BALTICS 01H 47′ 12” + 00H 07′ 31”


OVERDRIVE RACING 01H 47′ 47” + 00H 08′ 06”


Dakar Final Overall Car Ranking

Pos. No. Drive-Team Team Time Behind
1 204 (Esp) Carlos Sainz

(Esp) Lucas Cruz

Team Audi Sport 48H 15′ 18”
2 221 (Bel) Guillaume De Mevius

(Fra) Xavier Panseri

Overdrive Racing 49H 35′ 43” + 01H 20′ 25”
3 203 (Fra) Sebastien Loeb

(Bel) Fabian Lurquin

Bahrain Raid Xtreme 49H 40′ 30” + 01H 25′ 12”
4 211 (Fra) Guerlain Chicherit

(Fra) Alex Winocq

Overdrive Racing 49H 51′ 17” + 01H 35′ 59”
5 208 (Cze) Martin Prokop

(Cze) Viktor Chytka

Orlen Jipocar Team 50H 32′ 01” + 02H 16′ 43”
6 243 (Zaf) Guy David Botterill

(Zaf) Brett Cummings

Toyota Gazoo Racing 50H 55′ 51” + 02H 40′ 33”
7 209 (Zaf) Giniel De Villiers

(Zaf) Dennis Murphy

Toyota Gazoo Racing 51H 05′ 44” + 02H 50′ 26”
8 223 (Ltu) Benediktas Vanagas

(Est) Kuldar Sikk

Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics 51H 12′ 35” + 02H 57′ 17”
9 206 (Bra) Lucas Moraes

(Esp) Armand Monleon

Toyota Gazoo Racing 51H 18′ 30” + 03H 03′ 12”
10 212 (Fra) Mathieu Serradori

(Fra) Loic Minaudier

Century Racing Factory Team 51H 19′ 30” + 03H 04′ 12”


Dakar Final Bike Stage Ranking

Pos. No. Rider Team Time Behind
1 47 (Arg) Kevin Benavides Red Bull Ktm Factory Racing 01H 48′ 40”
2 2 (Aus) Toby Price Red Bull Ktm Factory Racing 01H 49′ 40” + 00H 01′ 00”
3 1 (Arg) Luciano Benavides Husqvarna Factory Racing 01H 49′ 54” + 00H 01′ 14”
4 42 (Fra) Adrien Van Beveren Monster Energy Honda Team 01H 50′ 05” + 00H 01′ 25”
5 41 (Arg) Diego Gamaliel Llanos Xraids Experience 01H 51′ 54” + 00H 03′ 14”
6 16 (Fra) Romain Dumontier Team Dumontier Racing 01H 52′ 03” + 00H 03′ 23”
7 9 (Usa) Ricky Brabec Monster Energy Honda Team 01H 52′ 11” + 00H 03′ 31”
8 28 (Fra) Mathieu Doveze Bas World Ktm Racing Team 01H 52′ 16” + 00H 03′ 36”
9 46 (Bwa) Ross Branch Hero Motosports Team Rally 01H 52′ 42” + 00H 04′ 02”
10 18 (Zaf) Bradley Cox Bas World Ktm Racing Team 01H 52′ 59” + 00H 04′ 19”


Dakar Final Overall Bike Ranking

Pos. No. Rider Team Time Behind
1 9 (Usa) Ricky Brabec Monster Energy Honda Team 51H 30′ 08”
2 46 (Bwa) Ross Branch Hero Motosports Team Rally 51H 41′ 01” + 00H 10′ 53”
3 42 (Fra) Adrien Van Beveren Monster Energy Honda Team 51H 42′ 33” + 00H 12′ 25”
4 47 (Arg) Kevin Benavides Red Bull Ktm Factory Racing 52H 08′ 56” + 00H 38′ 48”
5 2 (Aus) Toby Price Red Bull Ktm Factory Racing 52H 15′ 36” + 00H 45′ 28”
6 11 (Chl) Jose Ignacio Cornejo Florimo Monster Energy Honda Team 52H 16′ 46” + 00H 46′ 38”
7 1 (Arg) Luciano Benavides Husqvarna Factory Racing 52H 23′ 39” + 00H 53′ 31”
8 5 (Aus) Daniel Sanders Red Bull Gasgas Factory Racing 52H 44′ 40” + 01H 14′ 32”
9 142 (Svk) Stefan Svitko Slovnaft Rally Team 53H 26′ 36” + 01H 56′ 28”
10 23 (Cze) Martin Michek Orion – Moto Racing Group 54H 18′ 57” + 02H 48′ 49”
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