Miami Car Crash

Driver dies in high-speed car crash, lands on Miami’s F1 track

A man has been killed in a car crash on a Florida Turnpike ramp that saw the car tumble down on the Miami International Autodrome F1 track.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the crash occurred at roughly 1:45 pm Thursday on a Florida’s Turnpike ramp running near Hard Rock Stadium, the site for the Miami F1 circuit.

It is reported that the driver lost control of a Dodge coupe and hit the concrete barrier when attempting to exit the Turnpike, the force of the impact seeing the vehicle go over the wall and roll down the embankment to where the F1 track sits.

Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that the driver died when he was ejected from a gray Dodge coupe.

His car slammed into a wall of the bridge and then appeared to have somersaulted over the barrier and off the flyover before landing on the F1 track below.

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