Sergio Sette Camara, ERT Formula E Team

Formula E: Exploding battery could have injured driver in Mexico

It was all kept pretty hush-hush as to not expose the fallacy of EV and EV racing, but now we learned Formula E driver Sergio Sette Camara narrowly escaped injury when his battery exploded before the Mexico City E-Prix.

As Sergio Sette Camara made his way to the start of the Mexico City E-Prix in his Formula E car last week, trouble erupted. A red light lit up inside his car, he hopped out, and then shortly after that, the battery exploded and left the car significantly damaged, reports.

EV Driver did not have time to bend over and kiss his ass goodbye

“There was a very loud noise at the back of the car,” Camara told, according to and MotorsportWeek. “That was definitely a bigger problem. There was smoke and I saw the red light on the car, which indicates that the car is not safe. Then I jumped out of the car.”

A statement from the FIA to also seems to indicate a battery-related issue.

“Together with the single supplier for Formula E batteries (WAE) and ERT Formula E Team, we are currently investigating the cause of the issue. Further information will be shared in due course.”

If it turns out to be a battery issue, this would be the second battery incident in the last couple months. Back in October during pre-season testing in Valencia, a battery fire in the garage of battery supplier WAE resulted in all testing being suspended for a couple of days.

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