Andretti_Cadillac DOA

F1 Rumor: Cadillac will soon announce they will not enter F1

Cadillac signed an agreement to supply F1 engines starting in 2028, but recently in Miami, Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei told Mario Andretti that he will do everything in his power to make sure his son Michael never gets accepted into F1.

Rumor has it that Cadillac will drop out of F1 before it even enters if Andretti does not get approved to enter F1.

GM has made it clear they are either entering F1 with Andretti, or they are out.

Under Greg Maffei’s watch, F1 will have lost Cadillac, Porsche and soon Alpine if rumors are to be believed.

In addition, the US Congress and Department of Justice are investigating FOM for potential exclusionary practices. If that involves charges brought by the USA government against Liberty Media and FOM, it could cost Maffei his job.

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