Alonso purchases IndyCar TV rights in Spain (Update)

Is there still any doubt where Alonso will be racing in 2019?
Alonso said he will explore buying the Spanish IndyCar TV rights even though he himself has rejected IndyCar

UPDATE We now know that Fernando Alonso will not race in IndyCar in 2019 – he made that clear. In fact he won't be racing there in 2020 either.

He said the real objective for 2019 is to take things slower.

"I need to rest and recover my motivation, which is why I do not want to do a full Indycar season. It would be like continuing in F1, where in 2020 I could return," said the two-time champion.

Alonso also commented on speculation that he has acquired the Spanish television rights to Indycar.

"I read that and to my knowledge we (he management team) have not been negotiating any of that. But it has made me think that it would be a good idea and I will explore it," he said.

But did his management team already do it?

10/10/18 Our sources say that Alonso has secured the TV rights for the Spanish market in the IndyCar series.

Alonso knows the TV ratings will be thru the roof if he is driving in IndyCar next year, so he stands to cash in big time on his popularity.

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