Which tire for F1 ’07?

Neither Bridgestone or Michelin want to commit to tendering for a likely 'control tire' scenario in post-'07 formula one.

On Monday, the F1 Commission voted to send the proposal to the 'technical working group' for analysis, where a probable 8-10 majority vote may be achieved to accelerate the plan to 2007 rather than '08.

Interestingly, however, even Bridgestone – which has indicated that it would stay in F1 whether monopolized by one supplier or not – declined to commit to tendering.

''We prefer competition,'' director of motorsport Hiroshi Yasukawa told Autosport.

''We will wait and see.''

Michelin's retiring Pierre Dupasquier, similarly, did not answer 'yes' or 'no', despite the French company's recent musings that F1 without competition is not appealing.

He said: ''We will review closely what has been agreed on, and we will make a decision … in the near future.''

FIA president Max Mosley, meanwhile, said all major tire manufacturers will be invited to tender, which could result in neither Bridgestone or Michelin being awarded the exclusive contract.

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