2006 Champ Car schedule

UPDATE #3 This Robin Miller SPEED TV article says that the Champ Car schedule could grow to 17 races. He is correct, it may grow to 17 and his schedule shown in this article is close (two dates wrong and one race that will probably move later), but what will be released this weekend will only be 15 races, with room for a possible two more later. 08/12/05 This TSN.ca article talks about what to expect on the 2006 Champ Car schedule. However, readers will be disappointed if they expect everything that is in this article to be on the schedule. As we told you, the schedule to be released this weekend is preliminary and will NOT include all the races this article predicts, only those races that have signed agreements. The final schedule is still a work in progress and there is a good chance one or two more events will be added when it is all said and done. 08/09/05 The schedule to be released in Denver, which we have (but can't release until the embargo is lifted), will only show the definite races (i.e. contracts all signed). Any race without all the contracts done will not yet be shown. If additional race deals are completed, they will be added. Hence, we think you are smart enough to figure out what rumored races might not make this first release. It's far better to add races later, than have egg on one's face and have to cancel races later because the deals fell through. Champ Car has been down that path before. The new management is too smart for that. We know forum discussions are rift with speculation as to what the 2006 schedule will be. Call it a work in progress for now.

We are hoping to hear what the TV deal will be that will coincide with the 2006 schedule in the not too distant future, perhaps as early as the Montreal race, though that may be pushing it. Don't expect to hear any TV announcements in Denver.

The good news for the Champ Car teams is that they can use the new schedule to begin planning for 2006 and pitch next year earlier than in recent years in the hope of landing a sponsor. Knowing the domestic and international TV package, which we hear is much improved, would help them. Mark C.

08/07/05 According to quotes from Champ Car's head of PR Steve Shunck in this morning's Indy Star, the 2006 Champ Car schedule, due to be released next weekend in Denver, could include a return to Houston, a night race on July 4th weekend in Philadelphia and a possible season-ending street race in Las Vegas. We have heard similar reports and have reported such on these pages recently. Given how hot and humid it could be in Philadelphia in July we are glad to hear they are planning a night race, most likely to be followed by a spectacular 4th of July fireworks display out over the Schuylkill River.

We did hear that the Beijing contracts had not yet received all the government approval signatures as of last weekend, but we are told they will come. Will be interesting to see if that race is listed with an asterisk when the schedule comes out.

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