Changes afoot at Champ Car

UPDATE Out of respect for those laid off, we refused to be the first to break the news, but according to this SPEEDTV article, Marketing head Tom Moser, PR head Wendy Gabers, technology head Lee Dykstra and Race Director Chris Kneifel lost their jobs at Champ Car on Friday, though we hear Kneifel may do some consulting for Champ Car. Also let go, much to our surprise, was Linda Rosenberg, who was heading up, among other things, the Champ Car Fan Club activities which had some huge turnouts this year. For Champ Car's sake that program needs to continue through the hard work of David and Linda Wood as it was gaining momentum. 12/10/04 A number of Champ Car employees have been let go and a number of organizational changes are being enacted to better position Champ Car for 2005. We saw a number of changes made at this time last year and it appears OWRS is still not satisfied with the performance of the organization, hence these latest moves. Out of respect for the individuals we won't list names but some of the people let go were in key positions. Mark C.

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