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F1: 2025 talks already starting for Belgian GP

(GMM) Just days after signing up for 2024, Belgian GP promoters are already looking towards the next Formula 1 race contract for Spa-Francorchamps.

Until the 2024 calendar was revealed with an unprecedented 24 grands prix, speculation was rife that fabled Spa might be a victim of F1’s push into new markets.

At Silverstone for the British GP, Belgian race promoter Melchior Wathelet – president of Spa Grand Prix – said his thoughts are already now turning towards a new deal for 2025.

Belgian race promoter Melchior Wathelet
Belgian race promoter Melchior Wathelet

“We have plenty of prospects at Spa-Francorchamps,” he told RTBF.

“We learn in weekends like this, but they also learn from us. It’s the celebration of Formula 1.

“We are discussing to go beyond 2025 and the circumstances are positive,” Wathelet added.

He confirmed that after the one-year deal for 2023, a similar single-race contract has also been agreed with Formula 1 for 2024.

“We should quickly have information about 2025,” said Wathelet. “But it is not easy because all the European grands prix will renegotiate for 2025 and 2026, but we are trying to put all the chances on our side.”

Indeed, it is suggested that with 24 races per year now the absolute limit for F1, some European races – like Spa and Zandvoort, for instance – will be pressured to move onto an annual rotation scheme.

“I’d like to see a day where you have 24 grands prix, but in order to embrace more markets, maybe you have 20 fixed grands Prix and eight on rotation,” said McLaren CEO Zak Brown.

“So you’d be in 28 markets 24 times a year.”

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