Singapore 2023 Layout

F1: Drivers want Singapore circuit changes to be permanent

Formula 1 drivers have praised the Singapore GP circuit revisions and asked the  FIA to make the changes permanent.

Officially the new layout will be in place thru 2026 with the old version returning in 2027.

However, at Friday’s FIA drivers’ briefing, the attendees were unanimous in their support for the changes and suggested that they should become permanent.

However, a large grandstand was erected with the old Singapore circuit and that was eliminated with the new circuit.

Without that grandstand the race promoter loses a lot of money, but once the construction  is complete it is possible a grandstand can be erected again.

“It was fun,” said Fernando Alonso when asked about the new layout. “I think it was an improvement from the past. It’s a little bit faster, and you get the rhythm into the lap. So, yeah, I like the change.”

“I prefer this layout,” said Valtteri Bottas. “I think it’s going to create at least a tiny bit more opportunities, and it just makes the track slightly faster.”

2022 Singapore Circuit Layout
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